Kush Synthetics


Kush Synthetics is a privately owned manufacturer of industrial textile products. Kush started manufacturing Multiaxial and Biaxial fabrics in 2005 at Gandhidham in Gujarat, India.


Kush Synthetics has over 18 years of experience in manufacturing of Home Textile and other Industrial Fabrics. Apart from manufacturing fibreglass fabric, Kush is also engaged in manufacturing of Peel Ply Fabrics and Tapestry & Furnishing Fabrics (Home Textile).

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The basic proposition of our business is simple, sold and timeless - to improve our customers' expectations in quality, delivery and cost through continuous improvement.


This state of the art manufacturing facility is 6,500 Sq. Meters and employs 60 people. This facility manufactures 8,000 Metric Tonnes of multiaxial and biaxial fiberglass fabric per annum. Kush Synthetics is India's largest manufacturer of reinforcement fabric and is capable of producing 15,000 Sq. Meters of fiberglass fabric per day.

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